Dumont Dumoxel Polished Watchmakers Tweezers Ref. 0103-4

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Dumont Dumoxel Polished Watchmakers Tweezers Ref. 0103-4

Dumont is considered the manufacturer of the world's finest tweezers.

Made in Switzerland.

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Dumoxel 0103-4

Dumoxel is composed of C, Cr, Ni, Mo and Cu and is the most popular alloy among our customers. This alloy was developed and patented by Dumont to offer the best in resistance to corrosion thanks to its high concentration of molybdenum and chromium. Dumoxel also guarantees an excellent resistance to sulphuric environments, hydrochloric acid, as well as to all other mineral and organic acids. Dumoxel is 95% antimagnetic, resistant up to temperatures of around 400° C (DIN 50 914) and is suitable for autoclave sterilization at 270°C.


In selecting styles, remember that finer-tipped tweezers (like the 3 and 5) allow finer work, but are not strong enough to grip larger and heavier parts. The finer-tipped styles tend to shoot parts if over-gripped and should be restricted to work that demands the finer tip. For the beginner, a #2, a #5, and perhaps a #1 suffices until more experience is gained and personal tastes dictate the addition of other styles.