Vallorbe Assortment of Six Escapement Files Ref. 501-3062-55-G10

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Set of 6 includes:

·         133.118  LEC3008-55-G10  Halfround

·         133.119  LEC3009-55-G10  Crossing

·         133.120  LEC3010-55-G10  Barrette

·         133.124  LEC3014-55-G10  Three-Square

·         133.127  LEC3017-55-G10  Pillar

·         133.131  LEC3020-55-G10  Round

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Thanks to the hard coating, the buff has a much longer durability than all other current tools. Does not break like the Degussit stone. Does not oxidise

Use: Materials like Titanium, Steel and enamel can be worked on easily. Keeps its shape, no need to reshape/ cut or change the tool continually. Easy to clean with common jewellery equipment like ultrasound bath, benzine or with cleaning rubber/paste.